Why Install Cat 6 Data Cabling?

If you need to add data cabling to an existing network, then you might think that you should simply go with the type of cables you already have in place. For example, if you currently use Cat 5 cables, then you might be planning to add more of those.

However, there is an argument for upgrading at this stage. You can use more advanced Cat 6 cables for your extension needs. What are the benefits of doing this?

Enhanced Performance

Data cables work to certain standards. They all have specific capabilities. The cabling that you originally installed might still work well; however, technological improvements sometimes give newer products an edge.

For example, if you install Cat 6 data cabling, then you get more support for high-capacity networks that need to use data over a longer distance. This level of cabling can manage larger bandwidths for data transfer which makes it a faster solution that can manage more traffic more efficiently.

You also see some noise management benefits. Older types of data cables don't always deal with noise or interference all that well. The data you get won't always be delivered efficiently at the speed you need. Cat 6 cabling handles these problems so your data delivery experience improves.

Backwards Compatibility

It's not always easy to connect different types of networking products. For example, if an older cable isn't compatible with a newer one, then you can't always make them work together.

This isn't a problem with a Cat 6 Ethernet cable. These cables have backwards compatibility with older models, such as Cat 5 and even Cat 3 products.

As well as giving you a seamless transition, this compatibility saves you money. You can upgrade some functionality on your existing network without having to rip everything out and replace it.

Future Benefits

If your network, infrastructure and hardware is getting on a bit, then you might not think you need to use top-of-the-range Cat 6 cables at this stage. You aren't sure you need all of the new benefits and features they bring to the table.

While you might not need these advantages now, they may well be useful in the future. If you take on new upgrades or invest in new technologies, then you might need Cat 6 cabling. It's a lot easier to upgrade your network capabilities now when you need to install new products anyway. Compliant cabling could be a good investment for the future.

To find out more about the benefits and logistics of making this upgrade, ask Cat 6 data cable installation technicians for advice.

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If you need to add data cabling to an existing network, then you might think that you should simply go with the type of cables you already have in pla